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Aquadyne's RO Filter Service Kit suitable for AO Smith Z2 Water Purifiers

Aquadyne's RO Filter Service Kit suitable for AO Smith Z2 Water Purifiers

Rs. 2,700.00
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This kit contains the following items:

  1. Pre Filter Spun Cartridge 10 Inch (1 Nos): This is 5 Micron Spun Cartridge for Pre Filter Bowl fitted outside the RO Water Purifier System.
  2. Carbon Filter 8.5 Inch (2 Nos): These filters contain premium grade coconut based granular activated carbon, 1200 - 1400 IV (Iodine Value) which absorbs chlorine molecules & other harmful chemicals from the supply water and improves taste.
  3. Sediment Filter 8.5 Inch (1 Nos): This filter contains premium grade 8 inch Poly Propylene fabric filter which absorbs micro sediment particles from feed water and reduces the turbidity.
  4. Spin Welded Reverse Osmosis Membrane 75 GPD 8.5 Inch (1 Nos): This thin film composite (TFC) is a semi-permeable membrane and when water is pressed upon it with high pressure of RO Pump, it separates the harmful chemicals, heavy elements and supply purified water through one outlet and discharge waste water through another outlet. Aquadyne RO Membrane is factory integrated/sealed so that consumer can easily replace the same in his purifier. Aquadyne’s Integrated RO Membrane Filter totally eliminates the hassles, contamination issues and secondary bacteria growth associated with fitting the open type of membranes inside the opening type screw thread based membrane housings of AO Smith design.
  5. Mineral/Alkaline Cartridge 6.5 Inch (1 Nos.): This filter contains alkaline mineral balls enriched with essential minerals. This filter is installed after the RO Membrane Filter & it enriches the water with essential minerals for good health. This filter further makes the drinking water basic in nature i.e. increases its pH value over 7. The use of this filter is usually advised for those suffering from acidity problem.
  6. Push type Quick Fit Elbows (13 Nos): These Fittings are provided in this Kit to enable the customer to replace the filters in his AO smith purifier himself without any hassle.
  7. Flow Restrictor (1 Nos): This is to be used/fitted with RO Membrane at its waste port.
  8. Pipe Tube (3 metres): This is provided to enable any alteration in flow sequence.
  9. X Clamps (2 Nos): These are provided to fasten the filters.
  10. Installation Instructions
    • Quick Fit Type Inline Filter Kit, Made from Certified IS Grade Food Grade material,  which customer can install himself using aid of installation instructions without technicians help
    • If you need to purchase UV Lamp Tube also, you can choose from the left side menu.
    • For any questions or clarification kindly contact on 09728755877 or write to help@aquadyne.in
    • This Filter Kit is neither manufactured by AO Smith nor endorsed by AO Smith. The word AO Smith is used here for identification that the offered filter kit is compatible with the mentioned model. The word AO Smith is used under Section 30(2)(d) of Indian Trademarks Act, 1999 of permissible fair use to indicate that filter cartridges are so adapted to the relevant model of AO Smith water purifiers.

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