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PP Spun Filter Platinum Series, 10 Inches, 5 Micron

PP Spun Filter Platinum Series, 10 Inches, 5 Micron

Rs. 500.00
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These PP Spun Bonded Cartridge filters are used as Pre-filter in any water purifier and are manufactured through a process that thermally bonds pure Polypropylene microfibers with lower density at the outside surface and progressively higher density toward the center. This fully automated manufacturing process assures consistent quality, filter to filter, year in and year out. Spun Bonded Cartridges are used either as a pre-filter or final filter for food/beverage or water purification applications. For any questions or clarification kindly contact on 09728755877 or write to help@aquadyne.in

  • 5 Pieces of 10 Inches Spun Filter Platinum Series, 5 Micron Rating
  • Sediment filter, Rust filter
  • Heavy Duty Depth Filtration, Weight :135 Grams / Pc
  • Suitable for Prefiltering in RO Water Purifier Systems
  • Made from Certified IS Grade & Food Grade Material

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