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RO Filter Service Kit for AO Smith X2 Water Purifiers

RO Filter Service Kit for AO Smith X2 Water Purifiers

Rs. 2,000.00
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This kit contains the following items:

  1. Pre Filter Spun Cartridge 10 Inch (1 Nos): This is 5 Micron Spun Cartridge for Pre Filter Bowl fitted outside the RO Water Purifier System.
  1. Carbon Filter 8.5 Inch (1 Nos): These filters contain premium grade coconut based granular activated carbon, 1200 - 1400 IV (Iodine Value) which absorbs chlorine molecules & other harmful chemicals from the supply water and improves taste.
  1. Sediment Filter 8.5 Inch (1 Nos): This filter contains premium grade 8 inch Poly Propylene fabric filter which absorbs micro sediment particles from feed water and reduces the turbidity.
  1. Ultra Filtration Membrane  8.5 Inch (1 Nos): This filter removes particulates and macro molecules from raw water to produce potable water & has selective function of filtering unwanted chemicals and Micro organism for example algae, bacteria, fungi, cyst etc. 
  1. Philips UV Lamp 6 Inch (1 Nos.):
  1. Push type Quick Fit Elbows (6 Nos): These Fittings are provided in this Kit to enable the customer to replace the filters in his AO smith purifier himself without any hassle.
  1. Pipe Tube (3 metres): This is provided to enable any alteration in flow sequence.

    Installation Instructions: Customer can install himself using aid of installation instructions without technicians help
        • Made from certified IS Grade Food Grade material
        • For any questions or clarification kindly contact on 09728755877 or write to help@aquadyne.in

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