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Aquadyne's compatible RO Service Kit for Aquaguard Reviva NXT RO + UV + MTDS with Installation video guidance and telesupport

Aquadyne's compatible RO Service Kit for Aquaguard Reviva NXT RO + UV + MTDS with Installation video guidance and telesupport

Rs. 2,700.00
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  • This set of filters constitutes a compatible filter kit for Aquaguard Reviva NXT RO + UV + MTDS Water Purifier Servicing and replacement.
  • The First Filter i.e. Sediment Filter contains premium grade 8 inch Poly Propylene meltblown fabric Spun which absorbs particle impurities of sand/silt/rust/algae particles from feed water. This filter is called by name of Clarity cartridge in aquaguard.
  • The Second filter i.e. Carbon Filter contains premium grade activated carbon activated upto high value of 1200 - 1400 IV(Iodine Value) imparting it high absorption capacity. Unlike the other branded and unbranded half filled carbon filters, Our carbon filters are fully filled with activated carbon. This filter absorbs chemical contamination of chlorine/chloramine/fluorides. This filter is a specific single sider filter i.e. having inlet and outlet on same side customized specifically for this Aquaguard Reviva NXT Model Purifier. This cartridge is also called taste enhancer cartridge in aquaguard models.
  • The third filter i.e. Nano sealed reverse osmosis membrane 75 GPD filter contains reverse osmosis membrane made from very thin film coated (TFC) food grade Poly Amide sheet which acts a sieve & when water is passed from it on high pressure of RO Pump, it separates/filters the harmful chemicals, heavy elements from the water and distills it. This reverse osmosis membrane has been pressure sealed. This membrane is perfect for Aquaguard Reviva NXT RO + UV + MTDS.
  • The fourth cartridge in the kit is a small transparent 4 inch Mineral Cartridge, which removes imparts sweet and soothing taste to the feed water as well as increases its pH value and add essential mineral content to filtered water.
  • An 8 inch Philips or Osram make UV Tube is also in the filter for replacement in UV Chamber.
  • A brass diverter valve is added specifically with the filter kit for customer convenience.
  • The Kit also includes ancillary components like 9 elbows, FR, 4 to 5 Meter Pipe, one straight connector.
  • The package is always accompanied with a Handy installation guide.
  • Youtube Video Support for Filter Kit replacement in Aquaguard REVIVA NXT MODEL also available at https://youtu.be/QKgMSkvwPoU
  • For any queries or question, you can always contact us on 09728755877 or write to us as help@aquadyne.in
  • This Filter Kit is neither manufactured by Aquaguard nor endorsed by Aquaguard. The word Aquaguard is used here for identification that the offered filter kit is compatible with the mentioned model. The word Aquaguard is used under Section 30(2)(d) of Indian Trademarks Act, 1999 of permissible fair use to indicate that filter cartridges are so adapted to the relevant model of Aquaguard water purifiers
  • Warranty – One year repair/replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects. The product can also be returned for full refund within 10 days of the delivery in case of any product defects or damage or features not matching the description provided. No warranty on depletion of filter cartridges on usage or consumption.
  • We ship using First Flight Courier Limited or Professional Courier. If the buyer pincode is that of outskirt than we ship through India Post. The product is best packaged for the transit.

    Manufactured at : Plot No. 194, Industrial Estate, Sector 27 - 28, Hisar - 125001, Haryana
    A company registered under Indian Companies Act, 1956

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