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Carbon Filter suitable for service of your RO System

Carbon Filter suitable for service of your RO System

Rs. 400.00
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This filter is suitable for Luminous Livpure RO Series & Aquaguard Aquasure Nano RO. This Carbon Filter contains premium grade coconut shell based activated carbon activated upto high value of 1200 - 1400 IV(Iodine Value) imparting it high absorption capacity. Unlike the other half filled branded and unbranded carbon filters, our carbon filter is fully filled with activated carbon. This filter absorbs chlorine molecules & harmful elements from the feed water. In a Reverse Osmosis System, two carbon filters are needed. One is installed before the RO Membrane and other is installed after RO Membrane. The purpose of installing the Carbon Filter before RO membrane is that it absorbs the chlorine and harmful elements from the feed water which saves the damage to the RO Membrane. The other carbon filter is installed after the RO membrane which ensures sweet & soothing taste of the water. This package contains only one Carbon Filter. Two John Guest type or equivalent Push Fit fittings are provided with this Filter Kit free of cost. All the inline filters in this filter kit are Manufactured through high precision Injection Molding process from Certified Food Grade Plastic and contains filter media of premium quality.For any questions or clarification kindly contact on 09728755877 or write to help@aquadyne.in

  • Suitable for Luminous Livpure RO Series & Aquaguard Aquasure Nano RO, Fully Filled Carbon Filters, Cocunet shell based Carbon of high Adsorption value of 1200-1300 IV, Suitable for Kent/Aquaguard & other RO Water Purifiier Systems, Completely de-chlorinates the supply/feed water, Called by name of Chemi Block in Aquaguard, Laboratory tested Activated Carbon of high IV Value of 1200-1400, High TDS Filters, , Comes with handy installation guide
  • Quick Fit Type Inline Filter Kit which customer can install himself without technicians help
  • Made from certified IS Grade Food Grade material
  • For any questions or inquiries reach us at 09728755877 or help@aquadyne.in

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