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Aquadyne small mineral cartridge/alkaline cartridge filter

Aquadyne small mineral cartridge/alkaline cartridge filter

Rs. 350.00
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This mineral cartridge (also known as alkaline filter) for water purifier is installed after RO membrane filter, to give sweet taste to the pure drinking water. This mineral filter also makes the water healthy for drinking by increasing the ph value of drinking water to above 7 & imparting essential bio minerals to the drinking water. Recommended for those suffering from acidity problem. The mineral cartridge can be used as substitute of post carbon filter. Also two push fittings - quick fit type are provided free with this filter kit. Also, detailed installation instruction are provided with this filter kit for the assistance of the customer to install his filter himself without the help of any technician. This filter is manufactured through high precision injection molding process from certified food grade plastic and contains filter media of premium quality.

  • Bio Mineral Cartridge containing Mineral balls/rice balls & Activated Carbon
  • Quick Fit Type Inline Filter Kit which customer can install himself without technicians help
  • Made from certified IS Grade Food Grade material, Two Push Fit Fittings free with the package, Recommended for those having acidity problem
  • Completely de-chlorinates the supply/feed water & enriches it with essential minerals, Laboratory tested Activated Carbon of high IV Value of 1200-1400, High TDS Filters
  • Suitable for Aquaguard, Kent, Whirlpool, Nasaka and Dolphin type models,
  • For any queries or question, you can always contact us on 09728755877 or write to us as help@aquadyne.in
  • Warranty – One year repair/replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects. The product can also be returned for full refund within 10 days of the delivery in case of any product defects or damage or features not matching the description provided. No warranty on depletion of filter cartridges on usage or consumption.
  • We ship using First Flight Courier Limited or Professional Courier. If the buyer pincode is that of outskirt than we ship through India Post. The product is best packaged for the transit.

    Manufactured at : Plot No. 194, Industrial Estate, Sector 27 - 28, Hisar - 125001, Haryana
    A company registered under Indian Companies Act, 1956

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