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300 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier (Output 50 LPH)

300 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier (Output 50 LPH)

Rs. 17,000.00
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      Aquadyne brings you High Output Capacity Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier having filtration capacity in excess of 50 liters per hour suitable for commercial use in factories, restaurants, schools, colleges and also for whole house filtration needs or as alternative to water softening.
      • The purifier has a activated Precarbon filter, a Sediment filter,  a 300 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane and a special Post Carbon cum Ultra-filtration filter. The activated carbon in the filter is Coconut Shell based having High Adsorption value of 1200 to 1300 IV and removes all chemical contamination of chlorine, chloramines, fluorides from feed water. The sediment filter contains high density PP Spun, which removes all the particle impurities of sand, silt, rust algae etc. The 300 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane in Purifier removes the salt/hardness/virus/bacteria/micro-organisms content from the supply water. The filtered output of the purifier is totally distilled. The application of this purifier is multifarious. You can use it supply drinking water in higher quantities or use to supply you distilled water for bathing, hair wash etc or use in industry, laboratory etc. The purifier is very install and as well as very easy to service without any technician help. The purifier is made from certified food grade PP Cartridges containing best in standard filtration media.
      • Under sink, Shelf top model & Wall Mountable
      • Carbon filter with high 1200 IV value
      • High quality, Heavy duty, easy to service yourself
      • Suitable for water of TDS from 500 to 2500.
      • Handy product installation guide included in the supply package
      • One year warranty on electrical components
      • The output is also highly suitable for bathing purpose 
      • Experience smoother and sleeker hair and skin from after installing this as Bath Water Purifier, Improves dry skin and flaking scalp
      • Prevents breathing chlorine gas or its absorption into skin, Purifier can be suitably placed on Floor or on the shelf near the Bath Water Tap
      • High Capacity: 50 Liters/hour 
      • Input water Pressure – (30-40)PSI
      • Input Voltage – 100-300 VAC (50 Hz)
      • Net Weight -  Around 10 Kg
      • Warranty - One year repair/replacement warranty against any manufacturing defects. The product can also be returned for full refund within 10 days of the delivery in case of any product defects or damage or features not matching the description provided.
      • For any Query feel free to contact on 09728755877 or write us at help@aquadyne.in

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