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Aquadyne's high quality low cost water purifiers show way forward

The contaminated drinking water is a leading cause of diseases in developing countries, especially among young children. Improving the quality of water can prevent these waterborne diseases. Purification of water at the household level has proven more effective than interventions at the water’s source. So the use of the water purifiers at the point of consumption or usage is the most pragmatic option that has gained tremendous importance and popularity in past two decades. As per the India National Family Health Survey (Figure 1.1) the reality is that most households in India especially poor urban and rural households do not currently purify their water or store it safely.

Reduces the risk of sickness or disease
Poor water sanitation can leave adults and children susceptible to a variety of waterborne diseases, including typhus, cholera and typhoid fever. The risk of fatalities is so immense that every 20 seconds, a child passes away as a result of inadequate sanitation, according to the United Nations.

However, by investing in a filtration device, communities in need can take crucial steps toward ensuring the well-being and safety of its members.

Promotes the growth of local communities

By having access to a reliable and safe water source, communities that have been affected by adversity are able to expand regional initiatives and acquire greater skills and resiliency, which can be used to address global issues of poverty and hunger.

Water has a ripple effect

The feeling of security that comes from knowing that water is safe and easy to consume can provide residents with a sense of confidence. It can impact everything from domestic life to workplace productivity and enable individuals to explore new environments with feelings of excitement rather than trepidation. 

Low Cost Water Purifiers

The reasons for not purifying the drinking water are generally lack of awareness among people about the importance of water purification and/or financial incapability to afford costly water purifiers. Thus low priced household water purifier systems are desired for widespread usage. Filterkart in tieup with Aquadyne has launched numerous high quality yet low priced water purification products to cater to the needs of customers of all categories. They include gravity or water head based ultra filtration  (UF) filters,  stainless steel ultraviolet light (UV) disinfection systems, reverse osmosis (RO) systems and hybrids of above. The aforesaid systems are available with inbuilt pure water storage as well. It is pertinent to mention here that Aquadyne in pioneer in launching stainless steel UV disinfection units setting new benchmark quality.


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