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Aquadyne  Reverse Osmosis Membrane for 3000 TDS Input Water (BW-1812-100 GPD)

Aquadyne Reverse Osmosis Membrane for 3000 TDS Input Water (BW-1812-100 GPD)

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The Aquadyne Reverse Osmosis Membrane BW-1812-100 GPD is made from very thin film coated (TFC) food grade poly amide sheet. It is a brackish water membrane suitable for up to 3000 TDS input water. It acts a sieve & when water is passed through it under high pressure of RO Pump, it separates/filters the harmful chemicals, heavy elements from the water. It reduces TDS by about 95%. The membrane housing is made from food grade PP plastic. It can be used in the ro systems with open able RO housings as  in some models of Kent or other brands. It is advisable to replace the housing also at the time of replacing membrane.

    • Aquadyne RO Membrane for 3000 TDS Input Water (BW-1812-100 GPD)
    • Step by Step guidance video on how to Fit RO Membrane available at following url link https://youtu.be/be2mu26CA1M
    • For any queries or question, you can always contact us on 09728755877 or write to us as help@aquadyne.in
    • Product will be shipped using First Flight Courier Limited or Professional Courier. If the buyer pincode is that of outskirt than shipment will be through India Post. The product is best packaged for the transit.

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